End of another week

Hello! First of all, I hope you’re all keeping well. The world is a frightening and uncertain place at the moment. I have to believe that if we all show solidarity by looking out for one another by following the advice of medical professionals, we can get through this and back to normal as unscathed as possible. This means everyone pulling in the same direction by being physically distant. Which seems a crazy notion but it looks like the best course of action now.

We can be close in other ways. Technology gives us the means to keep in touch by text, phone calls, face time, social networking and a whole host of other methods. No, it isn’t the same but it’s what we have.

While we’re all at home, we have the time to pick up things we may have been putting to one side. Like writing! Or reading, or just spending time with those we live with. The next week will undoubtedly be tough, so let’s hope thing’s get better sooner rather than later.

On to the updates! I was happy to hear I have another drabble accepted for Black Hare Press’ ANCIENTS anthology. I wrote another one soon after and submitted it for consideration. To date, I’ve submitted five of them to various places and they’ll all be published. This streak will have to end at some point!

On this site, I posted an interview with Sean Houghton you can read here.

In terms of writing, the first draft of my dark fantasy story, MASTER AND APPRENTICE, is finished, coming in at 10.3k words. I’ve let a couple of people look at it and they like it. I think it’s got potential, and will take a second pass at it this week before submitting it for publication. It’s always a nervous time before hitting that send button.

The still untitled cosmic horror received a little bit of work. Nothing major, but I’m happy with the story and character arc and will crack on with it this week.

THE SANTA MONICA MAN stalled a little this week. I can blame other things, like the the work on MASTER AND APPRENTICE and what’s going on in the world at the moment. But the reality is, I’m so close to the end now that I’m delaying finishing it. I’ve written and thought about these characters so much over the last year that I don’t want to say good-bye to them. Even though there will be a rigorous editing and beta-reading process afterwards. Not to mention the next story I have in mind for the characters that will survive this story.

Something else happened this week. The beginnings of a secret project between two fabulous writers and myself. I feel it could be one to keep an eye on.


‘Master and Apprentice’ – a dark fantasy novella – 100% (10.3k words)

Cosmic Horror – a short story – 25%

‘The Santa Monica Man’ – full length novel – 84%

Secret Project – outline and planning stage!

3 thoughts on “End of another week

  1. Perfect opportunity for everyone to think hard about doing stuff from home, and using technology to our advantage as a true medium of communication. I’ve been preaching it for years!


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