A Little Bit Late

A toddler related accident (for me, not the baby) has resulted in the Sunday evening post happening on a Monday afternoon. But that’s life!

A few things this week: I was interviewed by the lovely folk at Red Cape Publishing. You can find it here with a host of other interviews. If you want to read mine, or any else, just click on the name. Red Cape offer a whole host of options for readers and writers alike so check out their website while you’re there.

Next up, my author profile on Amazon went live! Very exciting (for me). You can find it here.

Quite a productive week in terms of writing. Day time sessions are a write-off now due to the situation we’re all in, but the evenings progress well. I finished something I didn’t have planned – a 4k short called ‘From Her To Eternity’ with a prologue drabble to support it. I’m submitting it today. Another 6k words were done on ‘The Santa Monica Man’, bringing its total to 70k and the end in sight. Final edits were done on ‘Master and Apprentice’ too. I’m actually quite proud of this one, and I hope it sees the light of day.

For the coming week, I have one small side project I’d like to do, while making a little progress on the other things I have gestating. I won’t say I will finish ‘The Santa Monica Man’ by this Sunday, but it is certainly possible…


‘The Santa Monica Man’ – full-length novel / 90%

‘From Her To Eternity’ – short and drabble – 100%

Cosmic Horror – short story – 30%

Secret Project – Outlining and planning

One thought on “A Little Bit Late

  1. Glad to hear you survived the assassination attempt 😉 Hope the finger doesn’t slow you down. Keep safe. For most people that would probably mean avoid the virus, in your case look where you’re stepping 😉 Have a productive week.

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