New Stories To Be Published And More

Hello there.

Hope you are all safe and are making the most of the situation we are all in.

This week has been a strong week of my work being accepted with various publications. To start, my first piece of published poetry will be going up on ‘Rejection Letters’ website in early May. I write the odd poem, but generally don’t submit them. This one won’t win any awards, but it’s a fun little thing and I hope, if anyone reads it, they find it amusing.

Secondly, I had my third drabble accepted for the upcoming anthology ANCIENTS by Black Hare Press. BHP only permit you to submit one piece of work at a time, and accept a maximum of five per author. Once one is accepted or rejected, you may submit again. I’m happy to say I’ve had three taken from three submitted and have sent in a fourth for their consideration.

Thirdly, I completed a story based on Irish mythology called ‘Winter’s Heart’ which has been accepted for an anthology called ‘Four Seasons’ from Iron Faerie Publishing. It’s due for release later this year. It was something new for me, and I thought it turned out OK. Seeing it published will be a thrill.

Lastly, a story of similar length to ‘Winter’s Heart’ named ‘Omega’ was accepted for HARVEST, a horror anthology from Blood Song Books to be released on July 1st. This collection’s theme is stories set around farms or in rural settings. Mine is a story about a survivor of a post pandemic world. I wrote before the current crisis began, and it’s strange to see we’re in the midst of something I described in a story.

In addition to this, I was interviewed for Janine’s Ghost Stories, which you can find here.

In terms of writing this week, ‘The Santa Monica Man’ is nearly done! In fact, I may even finish it tonight or tomorrow. It’s currently standing at 78k words (98%). The percentage is from an aim of 80k words, but I have two chapters and an epilogue to go, so I anticipate it will hit the 83 to 85k mark. Regardless, the end is really in sight and it will be done before April arrives.

The other projects I’m working on received a little attention also; the cosmic horror is coming on slowly as it doesn’t really have a plot yet. I’m trying something a little different with it, so I don’t mind the gradual movement. However, the secret project is ready to move forwards and will be my main focus after the first draft of ‘Santa Monica Man’ is done.


‘The Santa Monica Man’ – full length novel / 98% (though will go to about 103%)

Cosmic Horror – short horror story / 35%

Secret Project – ready to move forward

Have a good week!

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