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Review – ‘We Can Order The Same or Taste Each Other’s’ by Mark Anthony Smith

Mark Anthony Smith, who was interviewed back in March (which can be found here), released his debut novella ‘We Can Order The Same or Taste Each Other’s’ this week. Serialised over at InkPantry, you can read the review below…

‘We Can Order The Same or Taste Each Other’s’ is a very real story dealing with love, the human condition, ageing, existentialism and food.

Smith details two forty somethings who attended school together and have lost touch, going off to live their own lives. Rekindling their friendship, though the unnamed main characters professes on occasion to not remembering her all that well, the pair find common ground among some differences – mental, physical and their viewpoint on life.

The novella deals with the characters finding a kindred spirit and having an Indian Summer, though difficulties lie ahead.

Smith brings a huge amount of realism to the story, sprinkling social commentaries and the occasional flight of fancy among the dates between two people finding each other later in life. He deals head on with unseen disabilities and the life someone afflicted with these daily battles faces and the mental and physical toll this takes.

Told in a non-linear fashion, Smith’s prose is engaging and natural which draws you into the story with ease. You can find part one of three here and read all the parts for free by following the links on the page.

Twitter: @markanthonysm16

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