Review – Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend

Today’s review is Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend. It’s available now and comes highly recommended. Order it here.

A drabble is a short-story of exactly 100 words. It has a beginning, middle and end and deliveries easily digestible stories you can pick up and delve into at any time, even if you only have a few minutes reading time to spare.

What author’s such as K.T. Tate, Mark Anthony Smith, Michelle River and Ximena Escobar accomplish with such restrictions are terrifyingly impressive. From tales of Baba Yaga, Thor, HP Lovecraft inspired madness and Poseidon, this collection boasts an incredible range and depth of story.

This collection deals with tales concerning ancient and long-gone gods of legend and myth. While the anthology is one of horror, there is genuinely enough variety in this book for anyone to find something they’ll love, and I’d be confident any reader will find multiple entries to their taste.

If you’ve never read a drabble, let alone a collection of them, this is an excellent place to start.

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