Interview – Antoinette Corvo

Today’s interview comes with the author of ‘Dirges in the Dark’ and ‘The Ivory Tower’, Antoinette Corvo!

  • First of all, your name is spectacular! Tell me about yourself, how did you get the writing bug and how long has it been part of your life?

Thank you! I thank grandma Antoinette for that name I inherited. My family says I grew up to be a lot like her – funny, bubbly, friendly yet my writing is so dark, serious and mental. Don’t judge an author by their cover (aside from the mental part). I am from Brooklyn, New York and I’m still here. I have always loved to write. I suppose it has always been a part of my life as a bookaholic. Writing is also a great outlet to purge. I used to write a lot of fan fiction when I was very young. I guess the next step was to create a world of my own.

Your novella ‘Dirges in the Dark’ published by Red Cape Publishing, is available now on Amazon. Fill us in on the synopsis and what inspired you to write this story.

Dirges In The Dark was the very first book I had ever written in 1999. I was quite younger then. It grew up as I have and what you see before you is the final draft. Honestly what inspired me was being a theater person. I used to be a singer but I was crippled by anxiety and stopped. Instead of being a singer I wrote about one. Silver linings! 

 When actress Cassidy May lands the lead in the story of Hellen Grimaldi’s life, she believes it could be the boost her career needs. However, the more she looks into the past of Hellen and the shocking events which led to her death, the more fearful Cassidy becomes about taking the role. Did Hellen truly summon demons during that fateful performance? Was Cassidy about to unleash the same hell that Hellen had? What dark forces were really at play behind the curtain?

“Ghosts and monsters. Ritual suicides and Satanic rituals. Death, undeath, and madness.”

Is horror your genre or do you enjoy any others as a reader and a writer?

  Horror or anything of a dark nature from dark fantasy to Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar. Dark is real and human. I’ve yet to meet anyone genuinely 100% happy… unless they are morons or recovering.

What does your writing process look like? How many hours a week would you devote to it? Are you a single work at a time writer or do you have a few plates spinning at one time?

I literally have hundreds of ideas. My biggest struggle is what to tackle first. In writing I absolutely cannot multi-task at all. I dive right into to story and subject. When I have it on paper (enough details – I still use pens and notebooks) then I just marathon it. Literally. I will spend whatever hours I have in my day sitting in front of the computer and having at it til I get sleepy and know I need a rest. It shows in my writing. My writing let’s me know when to stop. “Past Anty. Get some sleep huh!?”

What inspires your writing? Other pieces of literature? Film? TV?

I can’t name one direct source. There’s always my favorites like Clive Barker and, naturally, H.P. Lovecraft but to be quite frank most of my ideas stem from my own life and struggles. I just incarnate my “demons” in stories. There’s a piece of me in every story. Never based on a TRUE story but true feelings I have felt and things I have experienced.

What was the strangest situation you were in when you got an idea or a solution for a story?

It is an icky example but it was my strangest. It was 16 years ago. I was raised Catholic (lapsed now) and I went to a baptism of a baby cousin. At the baptismal basin, as the priest was drizzling water on her forehead I thought, “What if he drops her?” And an idea just avalanched. Horrid. Sorry. Nah. Not really I’m lying.

What are your completely ‘no-go’ writing areas/genres/scenes?

Romance. It bores me to death. Sweet love is cute. Kinky debauchery is welcoming but romance by a textbook definition? No way. Not ever. 

In terms of tackling a project, do you plan ahead? Make it up as you go along? Or somewhere in between?

When an idea comes along I just run with it. I never struggled having ideas. I have a struggle making sure what’s in my head is made clear for the readers to understand and that I conveyed my message clear.

Finally, what’s next for you and what are your goals for 2020?

Write about a killer. Write about witches. Write about a baptismal basin perhaps? It’s all a matter of what to chose first. I can’t wait!

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