It’s Been A While – New Updates

After starting so well, my blog updates really fell off a cliff. I have been busy, though…

We can start with this! My debut single-author release is on its way – a short-read novelette published by Black Hare Press. “Dead Man Walking: A Nick Holleran Book” is a urban fantasy noir horror, and hopefully the start of a series (so go buy and review it when it’s released PLEASE.)

I had a lot of fun writing this and have many plans for follow-ups, spin-offs and prequels so I hope to get the chance to follow them up. My beta readers responded well to it, so fingers crossed. It’s purposely aimed at a gap between Constantine and Dresden, so if that sounds interesting, check it out.

Next big news is this…

Spring next year since the release of my debut full-length novel, “The Santa Monica Man.”

The two bits of news came close together and I’m still not quite fully believing of either. “Santa Monica Man” is something I worked on before I began submitting any work and even had any ideas to do so. It’s extremely gratifying to have this picked up, and I hope I don’t let my publisher, Mimir Press, down. They’ve taken a massive leap of faith in me, and I hope you all enjoy it.

What else has kept me from doing updates?

Well, I wrote a fantasy novella! I thought I’ve done a novel and a novelette so I might as well go for the full set. Again, this is something I’ve hopes to turn into a series if anyone takes a chance on it. I want to see it finished, and I’ve thoughts on more to flesh out the world. Fantasy has always been my genre of choice, and people reading would know it’s something I felt reticent to write in through fear of not doing it justice. Again, fingers crossed, but this might be a while before it sees the light of day…

Other than that, as you can see above I had my Nick Cave inspired vampire rock band story accepted for the upcoming BANNED, as well as other successes and a few rejections.

Rejections are always hard to take, but up until three weeks ago I’d only had four since March. That number’s doubled since, but that’s part of the game even though a couple of them were stories I genuinely liked – though I hope to find homes for them elsewhere, or in my own collection.

I’m on 96 story acceptances for the year. When I started submitting, I hoped for one in 2020. To say it’s gone better than I hoped is an understatement.

Work’s In Progress

Santa Monica Man Edits – 50% done.

Nick Holleran 2 – Outline

Fantasy Novella 2 – Outline

Done – Horror Story – 25% done

Horror Novelette Co-Author – 75% done

Own Collection “Life, Death and After” – 60% filled

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