Interview – Callum Pearce

This weeks interview comes in the form of Callum Pearce, a fiction writer published multiple times across a variety of platforms. Originally from Liverpool, Callum now resides in the Netherlands. Enjoy! Tell me about yourself – when did you begin writing and what current projects do you have?   I’ve always written obsessively since I wasContinue reading “Interview – Callum Pearce”

End of another week

Hello! First of all, I hope you’re all keeping well. The world is a frightening and uncertain place at the moment. I have to believe that if we all show solidarity by looking out for one another by following the advice of medical professionals, we can get through this and back to normal as unscathedContinue reading “End of another week”

Interview – Sean Haughton

Writer interviews continue with Sean Haughton, who talks us through his writing process… Tell me about yourself – when did you begin writing and what current projects do you have? I suppose I began writing, in the loose sense, back at Uni a few years ago. Writing essays allowed me to tap into my “innerContinue reading “Interview – Sean Haughton”


A busy week! First of all, I had a HP Lovecraft inspired story, ‘The Impossible City’ published on Nymphs. You can find it through the link. Please let me know what you think. Secondly, I mentioned writing drabbles on last weeks update. The three I wrote for Nocturnal Sirens Publishing were accepted and will beContinue reading “Updates”

Keeping me honest update

Each Sunday I’ve decided to post an update on what progress I’ve made over the week, the plan for the next seven days and where my various projects are sitting. Why? So I can’t pretend otherwise to people when they ask me “is your novel nearly done?” Secondly, so I can’t lie to myself either!Continue reading “Keeping me honest update”

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