Interviews with authors and publishers and podcasters.

Antoinette Corvo,  Author of ‘Dirges in the Dark’ and ‘The Ivory Tower’

Chris Gregory. The owner of Alternative Stories Podcast, an anthology and audio-fiction podcast.

P.J. Blakey-Novis. I have just finished reading his limited edition book of drabbles and double drabbles

Mark Anthony Smith talks us through his writing process

Sean Haughton. Talks us through his writing process.

Janine Pipe. Horror aficionado, and owner of Janine’s Ghost Stories.

Caroline Angel. Her novel, Madman Across The Water, has recently been relaunched by Red Cape Publishing 

 Michelle River. Author, publisher, editor and much more! Enjoy the wide-ranging interview 

Callum Pearce. A fiction writer published multiple times across a variety of platforms. 

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