Interviews, audio dramas and readings based on David’s work.

A Memory of Robin is an audio drama from writer David Green.  It tells the story of Gem, the daughter of a woman called Robin whose last few days of life we follow through extracts from her voice diary as she seeks to escape the confines of an increasingly oppressive and totalitarian government.

Robin – Jackie Jorgenson
Gem, her daughter – Abby Hilden
The Voice of the Nation – Kelli Winkler

In this episode Chris invites writer David Green to the show and they discuss Star Wars, Star Trek, Joe Ambercrombie, Wheel of Time and so much more. They do manage to get some writing talk in there as well.

An interview with Tim Mendees for his program After Hours. Writers chatting about Writing.

In this interview Author David Green talks about his writing journey and publications. We also talk about his Irish culture and ethnic background and how that influences his work. His writing is included in 📕 D is for Demons 📕 and other publications.

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