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Published Work (Online)

The Impossible City . The help has been driven away. My wife, Isabelle, took our children weeks ago. She says Henry, aged four and Mia, almost two, have grown afraid of me.

A New Challenge. I never wanted to be a retailer. It was one of those things other people just fell into. For me, it was a means to an end.

Blue eyes. Many know what happened. Few realise the effect it continues to have.

People come and go, live or die. That’s the way the world works.

Published Work (Books)

Dead Man Walking.

Nick Holleran, private detective, thought he had life figured out. Until the day he died. Holleran woke to the horrifying truth. Hell is Earth, and the demons live among us. Taking the cases others won’t, Holleran is plunged into an investigation that forces him to confront his past. Revenge is a sin, and the price is high. For Nick Holleran, work is hell; and this time it’s personal.

Zero Hour 2113

London, 2113

Racked by riots, and ruled by corporations, London has grown to house over twenty-million people. Its limits stretch across the south-west of England.

Pollution chokes the skyline, hiding the stratoscrapers of The Mile, London’s exclusive center, from sight; though its gaudy neon signs penetrate the smog.

Fatal Fairies.

Fae are mythological creatures, or so we think. This book explains what happens when mortals dabble in the world of magic and vice versa. With over fifty tales from authors around the world, this book is sure to give you a sinister fix of dark enchantment.

Passenger 13.

Thirteen tales of a pandemic breaking out mid-air. Follow the characters as their world change in stories from thirteen best-selling authors.

Quietus 13.

When the world is forced into mandatory lockdown due to a fast-spreading pandemic, the world of fantasy creatures is turned on its head.

How will sirens survive without sailors to lure into the salty depths? What actions should the vampire world take to get through the famine? And what of the gods?

D is for Demons.

The fourth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. Within these pages you will find a collection of thirteen terrifying stories from some of the finest independent writers on the scene today. From the disturbing to the humorous, from the gruesome to the psychological, D is for Demons contains a range unsettling stories that will make you sleep with the lights on!

Villians( Beyond Fantasy book 5).

Once Upon a Time… isn’t all its cracked up to be.
Delve into the fairytales you thought you knew as told by the villain of the story.

Featuring 16 stories by 16 authors.

NSFL: An Anti-Cyberbully Charity Anthology

This Anti-Cyberbully Anthology is for those who are going through the battle, lost the war, and are the enemies. Our goal is to change someones life for the better and hopefully open another eyes to the damage being done. All proceeds will be donated to Cybersmile to assist with the war.

Dark Celebration.

From evil bunnies to killer leprauchauns, or Taco Tuesday gone wrong, Dark Celebration has it all. This is a macabre collection of mixed holiday horror sure to keep you on your toes with your eyes open all night.

Lockdown Horror (Horror #2)

A collection of horror stories from some amazing authors. The lockdown series of books by Black Hare Press. are free to dowload during Lockdown or available from Amazon for a small sum.

Lockdown Paranormal Romance #1.

A collection of Paranormal romance stories from some amazing authors. The lockdown series of books by Black Hare Press. are free to dowload during Lockdown or available from Amazon for a small sum.

Drabbles of Dread.

From monsters and creatures to the darkness of man, Drabbles of Dread has it all.

A deliciously dark collection of flash fiction from some of the darkest and most twisted minds in horror.

Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles.

Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles is the second volume in the Insignia Drabbles series.

This anthology includes 83 drabbles (100-word stories) inspired by various Southeast Asian folklore, as well as original fantasy and science fiction pieces.

Scary Snippets (Family Edition).

Skeletons in the closet.
Disappointments Rooms.
Cellars that lead to torture chambers. Houses are not always homes.

Those we love the most have a dark side and in this first collection it will be made plainly clear that no secret is safe. Read about abusive parents, generational curses and shameful relatives in this terrifying anthology that brings out the worst in all of us.


The floorboards creak, the corn rustles, the blood moon rises, and terror stirs… What horrors lurk in the darkness, or right beneath your nose under the stark glare of the sweltering sun? Is it human, animal, or something far more sinister?

HARVEST (Volume 1) is an anthology of delectable farmhouse horror, ranging from the disturbing kind that causes goose-flesh, to the gory, supernatural sort that will leave you with nightmares!

Scary Snippets (Campfire Edition).

Imagine you are alone. Surrounded on all sides by nothing but forest for as far as the eye can see. Then you hear a sound. It is like nothing you have ever heard. Is it a wolf? A ghost? A stalker? A monster from another world? Or something far far worse?Scary Snippets: Campfire Edition will have you rekindle your fear of the great outdoors with over 40 award winning authors from around the world reminding you that terror is everywhere.

Forest Of Fear 2.

The moon is high, and the darkness teams with nightmares. It’s All Hallows’ Eve…do you dare go out, risking life and limb, for a sweet treat? Will you answer the call of the night? Sate your seasonal hunger, and sink your teeth into this delectable collection of 101 bites of Halloween horror!

School’s In.

Why do the kids all jump and shout?
Is it the monsters beneath their desks
or evil teachers in their nests?
Maybe those kids wreak with fright from shadows flitting through the night…
Ideas forming in their minds, transforming into special finds
To put their thoughts down on a page, pencils racing in their rage.
Chairs are clacking, exams are done,
Students free to have some fun.
Back they come but something’s changed;
Energy gone and eyes are glazed.

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