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The Place Between Worlds.

and other stories…

First things first, Blakey-Novis is a terrific writer. Each story is crafted to eek out the correct amount of suspense – there’s no flab here. Each part of the narrative serves a function and builds to a fulfilling end.

The Vegas Rift.

It’s a welcome mix; The Vegas Rift is at both times a lavish love-letter to all things cosmic horror, but feels modern. A monsterous novel, Gray guides us through the story at a brisk pace, all the while developing the characters into fully-developed humans the reader understands.

It Calls From The Forest.

Eerie River follow up their drabble anthology, Forgotten Ones, with 24 terrifying tales from the forest – covering pagan rituals, hikes gone wrong, monsters, ancient gods, weird creatures of the woods and much more.


The novelette is the first in Black Hare Press’ “Short Reads” series and is a fine effort to debut with. Cunningham cuts a blistering pace throughout, moving the action from 1912’s Blackpool all the way to Long Island, USA in less than 90 pages.

Forgotten Ones.

What author’s such as K.T. Tate, Mark Anthony Smith, Michelle River and Ximena Escobar accomplish with such restrictions are terrifyingly impressive. From tales of Baba Yaga, Thor, HP Lovecraft inspired madness and Poseidon, this collection boasts an incredible range and depth of story.

We Can Order The Same or Taste Each Other’s.

Smith brings a huge amount of realism to the story, sprinkling social commentaries and the occasional flight of fancy among the dates between two people finding each other later in life.

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